Revenue Partners For The Entertainment Industry

“Working with Koi Pond has been a very positive lift for us!”
Lionel Lodge - CEO, SyncLodge

We help B2B companies in the entertainment industry sell and operate like today’s elite tech & service organizations.

We develop custom, hands-on programs to achieve the unique needs of your business, such as:

Meet The Koi-Founders

We’re a team of GTM leaders & sales operations consultants from the tech industry who (through a funny story we’d love to tell you sometime) began serving the niche of B2B organizations in the entertainment industry.

We’ve worked in both a leadership and individual contributor capacity for pre-seed startups all the way to some of the worlds largest public tech and service enterprises.

We quickly learned that success in a niche market within the network-driven entertainment industry requires highly advanced B2B sales and operational strategies beyond those at a typical tech or service organization. 

We supported founders and their revenue teams in transforming their networks into books of business, avoiding dead end conversations with prospects and operating B2B deal cycles like sales industry veterans.  

We helped them define the desired outcome for their organization in meticulous detail and execute upon it with scalable and repeatable processes engineered by sales, tech stack and business process experts.

We transformed technical founders into sales leaders and ensured their sellers have every tool at their disposal to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time talking to future customers.

We enable founders serving the entertainment industry to sell and operate like today’s leading B2B revenue teams.. because that’s what it takes.


Charlotte, NC, United States